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Congestion at the Chirundu border

Dear Valued Customers,

The border is heavily congested on both sides and on the south bound we have noted that a lot of empty tankers are playing a major role in delaying, since ZIMRA introduced (in January) a system that all empty tankers going south must pass through the scanner and this has congested the scanner and delayed PEs/ scans for trucks loaded since they will be queuing in the same queue to be scanned. We have however challenged ZIMRA so that they find other means to fuel up south bound movement as empty tankers are delaying trucks on the south bound. A truck is taking the whole day to be scanned and docs will only be assessed the following day which is delaying movement of goods contrary to ZIMRA’s promise of moving trucks within 3 hours of clearance.

On the north bound Mr. Phiri the ZIMRA manager has been on the Zam side trying to control traffic so that trucks might cross faster to Zam side. Police is also assisting outside the CCZ hence it sounds organised as we are not witnessing a chaotic situation unlike the previous time. This might also mark the beginning of chaos as the congestion has shown its increase by today. The queues are now reaching the New Zimbulk depot in a single file, the double lane is only forming closer to the ZIMRA CCZ due to the police truck stop, however police are at the entrance into the road so as to control trucks not to create double lanes.”

Best Regards,

Roger Morkel

Export Administrator