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Gauteng’s dam levels take a dip

Gauteng’s decreasing dam levels week-on-week, along with below-average winter rainfalls, are starting to worry the Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS), which, on Tuesday called on stakeholders to use water sparingly.

“As the system operating forum plan to meet this month to consider the operating rule for the 2017/18 hydrological year, both the public and industry are encouraged to adhere to their municipality’s advice on conserving water,” the department said in a statement.

“Facing the prospect of continued dwindling dams week-on-week, the DWS appeals to all concerned to relieve pressure on water resources by using it only for their essential needs,” it continued.

This week saw a 0.5% decline to 84.1% in the level of the Integrated Vaal River System, which serves mainly Gauteng, Sasol and Eskom.

The Vaal dam itself decreased 1% week-on-week to 98.9%. The dam’s level was 40.4% during the corresponding week last year.

The Katse dam, however, dropped well below last years level of 60.6%, with a 1.2% week-on-week decline putting the dam’s water level at 43.2%.

The Sterkfontein dam’s level decreased 0.1% to 90.4%, while the Grootdraai dam’s level contracted 0.5% to 89.8% and the Bloemhof dam decreased 0.4% to 101.6%.

Source : Engineering News