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Lets aim high as we celebrate Heroes and Unity Day

The month of July is a month when Zambia remembers its heroes and the unity Zambia has enjoyed over years.

This is the month when Zambians stand together and say thank you to God, to friends and neighbor for having been united as one nation.

Heroes day is commemorated on the first day in July the Zambian government, civil society and society at large uses this day to remember and cherish the achievements of yesteryear heroes.

In 1974, President Dr. Kenneth Kaunda presented a gift to the nation to honor its heroes: a statue of a man with no shirt or shoes and defiantly raising a chained hand into the air. Erected in the capital city of Lusaka, the one-and-a-half-ton bronze statue has become the rallying point for any holiday, March, or remembrance in which freedom plays a role.

The remembrance of women and men who fought for independence is always taken as a way to show respect to those who fought for independence in Zambia. Many Zambian can dance and speak freely on the streets of Cairo, kwacha, Broadway and Kanyama because of the individuals that fought for this freedom.

Unity day is also a significant time when Zambians sit down to reflect on unity. Because Zambia is composed of several different tribal groups, the founders of the country promoted the idea of national unity as a means to keep the young nation from falling apart.

Zambia Unity Day was created to help foster solidarity between the diverse groups that make up the country. The slogan “One Zambia, One Nation” is used to signify the goal of the holiday. Remembrance speeches on Unity Day stress that people of varying backgrounds and political beliefs had come together to work for Zambian independence. That spirit must be maintained for Zambia to grow in the future.

It is in this regard that as we remember men and women that fought for Zambia’s independence that we ask ourselves if we are heroes or failures. Or we should ask friends, relatives, leaders and Pastor what they are doing to become heroes in Zambia so that the future generation will remember them.

We should ask our friends how they dream to become heroes in Zambia.  These questions are truly significant if Zambia would continue to rewrite its superhuman stories.

A number of Zambians enjoy sitting and blame each other. There are so many Zambians that were only interested in seeing mistakes. There are also many Zambians that were interested in seeing other people fail. The majority of the people are only interested in criticizing, mocking and teasing what others were doing. This attitude has forced a number of Zambians that could not with stand criticism to abort or surrender their ideas or ambitions.

This attitude is not only common among the common Zambian but it is also common among people in government, politicians, civil society, clergymen and traditional leaders. Zambia has also become a country where people want to be equal to one ideology. Instead of promoting diversity in innovations and allow each other to explore main innovation.

Many Zambians would want imitate what their friends were doing or just criticize their friend. The country also continues to deter people who wish to be different from becoming different. In Zambia today it was very difficult for one to become a hero. A number of ides or efforts are not recognized. Individual contribution is always undermined or rejected. As a result Zambia has become a nation where there were very few achievers. The nation has very few people that can be pointed as world class achievers.

Sometimes I feel ashamed that year in and year out we do not see the Bill Gates, Steve Job, Nelson Mandela or great men of Zambia. Our young people are always failing in international competition either in academics, sports and social events. Christians are flocking to Nigeria to attend Church service  or  they were glued to TBN or fellowships rather than attending local churches. Successful businesses in Zambia were owned by foreigners.

The spirit of fighting for success has died. Recently Football Association of Zambia Mr.Kalusha Bwalya complained that young footballers were not hungry for success. We have young people who are busy partying in bars and getting involved in illicit activities.

As a nation, we have failed to develop superhuman brands just as Argentina created Diego Maradona or USA created Steve Jobs. It is essential that as a nation, we start to develop individual ambitious brands. We need to start helping each to succeed in all areas of life. USA, UK, Germany, China and Japan were what they are because it has allowed individuals to dream big. These countries have also invested in human capital than in any other sector.

The unity of a nation is also at stake, politicians were making it very difficult for Zambians to unity. A number of politicians have continued to advocate for division among citizens.

A day does not pass in Zambia without hearing political cadres fighting. Political cadres cannot sit down together to have a meal or walk together with other political parties.

Bye-elections have become a point of division among Zambians. A number of Zambians have continued to disagree with the government on the spread of bye-election. A number of citizens feel there were a lot of unnecessary bye elections. This situation has made them feel robbed of their national resources.

So this Heroes and Unity day let’s help each other to succeed. Let us remember that we need to get more and more united. Unity is truly cardinal to the development of Zambia.

As  people,  we should always strive to walk or run in support of each other. We should unite like small ants that are working together. We should unite in business; Unit for purpose should be encouraged all cost. Let’s criticize each for a good cause with a view to make each other succeed.

By Kelvin Esiasa