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Potential strike action in road freight industry


Head up and current status. Road freight Industry Wage Negotiations 

No Agreement has as yet been reached by negotiators at this years’ wage talks;

the parties have however agreed to meet again on the 4th and 5th August.

Only if those talks are unsuccessful will a way be clear for the issue of non-resolution certificate, Opening the way to possible strike action.

We deem the matter as fairly high risk in the light of National Police Commissioner Phiyega comments over the weekend.

‘’By way of example, I have just received a letter from

the transport industry, which is preparing for a strike next month. They are concerned about the
violence which often accompanies strikes and the possibility that they may experience the

“They are concerned that non-striking workers may be intimidated, attacked and assaulted and

that property belonging to both non-strikers and their businesses may be damaged or stolen.”

We will as best possible update you on this matter.