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Steel Mine Arches, Abexsteels’ Roof Support Systems

Abexsteels, a world renowned supplier of steel roof support systems to the Southern African mining community foresees an increase in sales for its steel mine arch support systems to remain positive in the short and long term if the mines continue to expand and develop new business.

We wholly focus on the supply and demand of leading quality steel mine arch supports and other mining related products to the industry. We devote our attention to the safety of the mines and the workers who risk their lives every day in the industry. Abexsteels’ main priority is the service and quality of the product that we supply into our markets.

The steel arch support systems can be used in any form of shape and size within the mining environment allowing the best outcome in performance and safety due to the high quality of materials used during the manufacturing process. The steel mine arches are also used in other applications, for example they can be used in civil works for tunnelling and roadway support.

Our roof support systems are used throughout South Africa, including the likes of gold, coal and platinum mines.We also supply mines in neighbouring Southern Africa countries and beyond, where quality roof supports are essential to mining and other numerous applications.

Abexsteels’ operation is committed to strict quality control procedures during production. These standards conform to the expectations of the global mining industry, including ISO 9001:2008 which meets stringent European quality standards. Thorough tests, which include the chemical and mechanical verification of materials are performed throughout every step of the production process.

Our constant ongoing research and development programmes guarantee the latest product designs and manufacturing standards whilst keeping the costs low, but always maintaining high quality, safety and reliability of our product.