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UK Steel welcomes Chinese tariffs

The European Union is set to impose import duties of between 13.2% and 22.6% on Chinese hot-rolled steel that is used in pipelines and gas containers, and between 65.1% and 73.7% on heavy plates that are used in civil engineering projects.

Commenting on the anti-dumping duties, Dominic King — head of policy and external affairs at UK Steel — said: “The speed at which tariffs have been imposed on dumped steel from China by the EU is very welcome.

“However, while we hope the tariffs for heavy plate are robust enough to ensure free and fair trade, the proposed levels for hot-rolled steel are not high enough, which might encourage China to continue dumping it on to the EU market.

“Steel producers in the UK have experienced first-hand what happens when trade is not free and fair. As the UK prepares to leave the EU, the Government needs to ensure that we develop robust trade defences that will create a ‘level playing field’ ensuring free and fair trade and not distorted competition.”

David Martin, Labour MEP for Scotland, said the tariffs may be “too little too late” for the UK industry. Mr Martin added: “The EU has recognised that Chinese dumping is having a real, damaging effect on EU steel producers and the communities supported by them.

“However, while the tariffs on heavy-plate steel are at a workable level, the duties on hot-rolled steel — a crucial product of Tata Steel’s Port Talbot plant — won’t deter Chinese steel makers from further dumping.

“I sincerely hope these duties will be revised upwards at a later date. What is pleasing is that this procedure was concluded five weeks ahead of schedule.”


Source: Machinery Market